Company information

Kuznetskiy Industrial Park (KIP) is a working space with all necessay facilities  designed for companies to to establish new manufactures.

KIP solves the main issues related to the launch a new manufacture:

- worki spaces are all fully licensed with legal permissions to start production;

- work spaces are provided in diffferent types of buildings: administrative, industrial and warehouses;

- work spaces are fully supplied with power


KIP is an area of 18 hectares with 50 000 m2 of facilities


- transformer substations with a power capacity of – 17000 kVa.

- water resource – 2 water wells Р-20m3/h.

- purity nitrogen production 99,998% - 2 stations – А-0,6 Р-500m3/h

- compressed air – 6 аm.1400m3/h

- iron removal station – 5000m3/day

- sewage treatment – 1200m3/day

- round water supply -  400m3/h

- gas pipeline with a capacity of – 1500m3/h

Advantages of being a resident of KIP:

- low energy rates;

- low rates for the maintanance service of general infrastructure;

- opportunity to collaborate with other residents.

Residents of KIP are provided with a wide range of scientific and technical services:

- development of new electrical and measuring devices, testing equipment;

- development of dies and molds for mass production of different surfaces;

- machines available to hire for metalworking and different types of electro-galvan covering and surface staining; use of high-precision erosion machines for manufacturing of dies and molds.

- production of high-quality surface (SMD) or a mixed assembly of electronic boards by using high-precision machines with automatic and visual quality control; calibration of the electrical index; conducting different types of tests.

-  production of ferrite products and inductive components: throttle, transformer, filters and other products with steel or ferrite core;

- production of steel and plastic surfaces by moulding;

- Optical elements: filters, lens and spectrophotometers.

More information can be found here download file.